Cambience Charter

With sincere apologies to UK-Bi :-)


This charter is designed to encourage people to use the list in a responsible and generally clued-up way; it's always open to reworking if it isn't doing its job. If you have a suggestion or a complaint about it please contact the list administrator.

Technical things about using the list

  1. Please do not subscribe public newsgroups, other mailing lists or any other form of public gateway to this list; also, don't forward this list to one, or to any other automated distribution system.
  2. Send complaints and admin queries to
  3. Please turn off HTML mail and other bizarre extensions before posting to the list. Plain old plaintext is fine, thanks :)
  4. Don't send binary files to the list.

List etiquette

  1. Obviously, offensive or abusive material (towards anyone) is not allowed, and may result in the sender's ISP/sysadmin being contacted.
  2. In the unlikely case that we come up with anything worth repeating, please get permission from the original author before forwarding or reproducing anything from the list.
  3. Bisexuals are gloriously diverse (or stubbornly weird, depending on how you look at it ;-). In the light of this, please respect people's chosen identity - for example, address people by the name they use in their posts, even if it is Lord Count Baron von Pretentiousness ;-)
  4. Never ever ever send a chain letter of any sort. To any mailing list. They're extremely irritating, and they're also just a con, OK? Absolutely nothing will go wrong in your life if you don't send it on.

About what's on-topic and what's not

  1. This is a chat list so there's no great restriction on what's on topic, but use your common sense!
  2. If you've found a 'funny' article from somewhere else, please use your judgement before sending it to the list - a lot of us have seen them several times before.
  3. Personal ads and explicit material are not really welcome.
  4. Non-explicit fiction is fine but please label it as such, and put [long] in the subject line where applicable.

Final note: There Is No Cabal, and Thanks For All The Fish